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UNFOLDING CATASTROPHE - Australia. Extract. Part One. The First Draft of History.

THE THINGS HE REMEMBERED MOST STARKLY from the early months of the Covid Era were empty trains churning through the night, a sense of threat as everything was altered, military helicopters hovering over a deserted Sydney Harbour, empty streets, silent suburbs, and dread, mostly dread.

Perhaps one of the single most extraordinary things about the way Covid-19 played out in Australia in early 2020 was that polls showed faith in both media and government went up.

Learned types in little read journals dismembered the government’s confusing and contradictory messaging. But few Australians read newspapers anymore, much less academic journals.

The wildly inaccurate nature of initial modeling might have proffered some excuse for the Australian government’s mishandling of the Covid crisis. However within weeks of it all beginning epidemiologists from some of the world’s leading institutions were speaking out, warning that lockdowns were an inappropriate policy response.

The geniuses in the Australian government ignored all the cautionary tales, all the world experts speaking out saying lockdowns did more harm than good, that they were a radical social experiment going against decades of epidemiological wisdom.

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