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DARK DARK POLICING - Australia’s Unfolding Nightmare

Oak Flats is a working class suburb south of Wollongong on Australia’s east coast. Its demographic of tradies, electricians, plumbers, tilers, truck drivers, school teachers and nurses do not like or trust the nation’s politicians and to a man and woman pay more or less no attention to the media.

It is this demographic which swung right not left at the last election, fed up with being disenfranchised from the left’s leitmotifs of identity politics, social disadvantage, climate change and refugees. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they bought the line that the conservatives were good economic managers.

Now many of those same people are facing the dole queue or months without an income. Under extreme lock down laws reminiscent of totalitarian states, with gatherings of more than two people now declared illegal, much of the population are bewildered, confused and embittered. Smash the bonds of the herd, create panic, prey on the weak. All of this is happening in Australia today.

Here is the closing excerpt from the book by veteran Australian journalist, Dark Dark Policing. It is the third and final book in the series that began in 2015 with Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost and was followed by Hideout in the Apocalypse.

All of the books warn of a darkening time; and unimaginable as it once was, the implausible has now become the reality.

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