A Sense of Place Magazine

A Sense of Place Magazine first began publishing in 2018, and has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years.

Unless otherwise stated, we publish under a Creative Commons Licence and material here is free to reuse by anyone.

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The magazine covers a wide variety of stories, from the personal to the scientific to the political, with a focus on Australia.


The magazine began on  the premise that nothing is more dangerous to an individual’s well being and to the social health of a country than to be solely reliant on government controlled or manipulated media.

The collapse in credibility of mainstream media and the transformation of many once respected outlets into little more than entertainment or propaganda has turned off many once devoted readers.

In liaison with other independent publishers in Australia, A Sense of Place Magazine aims to bring back the fun, excitement, challenge and appreciation of the beauty inherent in good writing and incisive journalism.